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Who are we?

Zenika is a firm specialized in the digital, organizational and managerial transformation of companies. Zenika is the link between the organic world and the digital world and is positioned as a One Stop Shop for its customers. Zenika brings together experts: Agility, Big Data, Craftsmanship, DevOps, Mobility, IoT, Java, Security, organizational transformation, Web.

Our vision

The world is changing, so are the uses. Companies must transform to meet new business, technological, managerial, organizational and social challenges. Passionate about code and innovation, our role is to co-build a simpler, more open, freer and more accessible world.

Our values

Zenika attaches great importance to the well-being of its employees, in 2018, it is propelled to the 1st place of the Best Workplaces French and 9th European place (> 500 employees).

Triple skill

Our consultants are experienced professionals and actors of the digital revolution. They have a perfect command of the most innovative methods, tools and frameworks. Pedagogy, feedback from the field and ability to offer advice and recommendations are the triple promise to which they commit themselves.



Our consultants challenge your projects and accompany you from the initial idea to the choice of your solution



Pedagogy and sharing are in the DNA of Zenika consultants (workshops and training dedicated to techniques and trades)



Business analysis, framework development, open-source development, application architecture, deployment ... our teams of experts concretize your ambitions.

Our experts can help you


Zenika is helping you implement agile practices that increase satisfaction and quality while reducing lead times and costs.

Big Data & Data science

Focused on our customers, our approach puts the key success factors of any DATA initiative into practice by promoting business experience and short cycles of experimentation.


Learn how to put your code under control, industrialize your work environment, learn how to write quality code.


Zenika accompanies you for security, blockchain and DLT initiations.


Zenika is helping you implement agile practices that increase satisfaction and quality while reducing lead times and costs.

Artificial Intelligence

Through workshops and training, our data scientists will find the right approach to give you the advantage.


Our area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise extends from Java beginner to Java specialist through the many technologies of the java toolbox.


Zenika accompanies you by creating a synergy between the world of code and design to provide a complete and successful answer.


Identify new opportunities, improve or imagine new solutions. Our Human-centered Design approach brings a multidisciplinary vision to your projects, through co-creation workshops and the study of iterative methods.