Choose your JavaScript framework

Know how to make the right choice in the right context


More and more sites and web applications are made as a single page application entirely in JavaScript executed in the browser. These sites rely on JavaScript frameworks whose ecosystem is very rich and constantly evolving. We propose, through workshops, to discover if Angular, React, VueJS, Polymer or even another FrameWork JS fits your project.


  • Master the concept of Web Components
  • Knowing the similarities between VueJS, React, Angular, Polymer
  • Have a method to choose the FrameWork adapted to the project and the team
  • Understand the new Flux, Redux design pattern
  • Have keys to industrialize your project


  • Have a vision of what is HTML / JS / CSS




  • What is a component
  • Standard WebComponent
  • Polymer

Framework main:

  • Angular
  • React
  • VueJS

Alternative frameworks (MarkoJS, Elm, ...)

New Patterns


Server-side rendering

Mobile Web:

  • Hybrid
  • Native
  • Progressive Web App

All walked workshop in agile mode to see the team's appetites, because we choose a JS framework especially according to the needs and appetites of the team.